Blue Wave Lights

Be part of the blue wave. Twinkling blue lights in you window say "I'm part of the Blue Wave and I vote!"


Blue lights are spreading nationwide. We are finding holiday lights in the attic, our old blue lava lamps from college, any blue light we can find. Blue lights on our porches say that we have had enough of Trump!

Blue Wave Indivisible sells lights at cost to groups who want to distribute them widely. These are strings of 20 mini lights that can be set to stay on or flash. They are low amp and can be used indoors or out. UL Approved.

Free Shipping!

10 . . . . $19.90 ($1.99 ea.)

20 . . . . $29.80 ($1.49 ea.)

100 . . . . $39.60 (99¢ ea.)


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